Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019

Freimund putting in the work

Adam copy.jpg
Harvard senior Adam Freimund wrestled in the Sciacca/Holtfreter tournament Dec. 20 and 21. HML PHOTO BY S&P PHOTO

Adam Freimund, a senior at Harvard High School, is a man of many talents. He can play a tune on the tuba, he sings with the madrigals, and he was in the last two school plays. He’s not too bad of a wrestler either.

After qualifying for the IHSA Class A wrestling finals in 2013, Freimund has an undefeated season wrestling in the heavyweight class for the Hornets with a record of 29-0 as of Feb. 4. In addition, Freimund won the East Troy, Sciacca/Holtfreter, Mid States and Newbill tournaments.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and that certainly holds true to Freimund’s season so far, as he attributed the majority of this season’s success to preparation before his matches and great coaching in practices and during matches. Freimund said his teammates really have aided in his success.

“Having great practice partners before the matches, that’s what has really been important for me,” he said.

Freimund said the teammates he practices with have helped mentally and physically prepare him for matches. He also said assistant coaches Todd Ramburg and Mike Vest, who work with him on their own time along with head coach Tim Haak, have especially aided in his winning streak. He said they have helped him focus and set goals, and he wouldn’t have all this success without their help.

“It’s definitely been a big help to have them come in and coach,” he said.

Haak, who is in his 29th and final year as wrestling coach, said Freimund is not only a hard worker but a fantastic leader.

“He’s just a very consistent player for us,” Haak said. “ He’s an extremely hard worker in the offseason – he’s turned into a great leader for us. He’s had a great deal of success this year – he’s a tremendous young man and he’s really a great kid.”

Freimund is looking for a return trip to Champaign for the IHSA finals, but said he didn’t want to make any predictions about finishing undefeated.

“They’re both definitely possibilities,” Freimund said. “I think that they could both happen, but we’ll just wait and see what comes of it, I guess.”

When asked to chose between sports and music, Freimund said he didn’t want to have to choose between either.

“Sports is definitely number one right now, that’s more important to me,” he said. “Tuba playing is just a hobby for the most part right now – it’s fun. Though sports and music are definitely important parts of my life, and I couldn’t live without either one. They’re both important to me.”